Our Coffees

t’ik’uri. “Black” Amharic - Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe

From where we believe to be the real historic home of coffee, our rich dark roast Ethiopian Yiragcheffe Coffee delivers a fruity blueberry aroma, also makes a great espresso!

Negro Rei “Black King” - Deluxe Espresso

Blended with the finest coffee bean from Brazil and Ethiopia, this premium dark roast espresso delivers bold flavors awakening the senses!

Preto “Black”- Deluxe Coffee

Named in honor of beautiful Afro-Brazilians, this coffee is the Black King’s sister, not any less powerful, just a little different! Like her brother she too is blended with the finest coffee beans from Brazil and Ethiopia, this premium dark roast coffee delivers bold flavors to awaken the senses!

Hitam “Black” - Indonesia Sumatra

One of the finest premium gourmet coffees, Hitam is a medium dark roast coffee distinguished by its heavy body and bold taste!

Negra “Black” - Colombia Supreme

One of our favorite coffees, Negra is a medium light roast coffee from Columbia with a smooth well-balanced flavor which delivers a cocoa finish that definitely speaks for itself!

Black Malkia “Black Queen”- Kenya

Sourced from one of the most respected coffee farming regions in Kenya, this medium roast luxury coffee delivers a delicious sweet creamy taste with floral aromas. Toni’s personal favorite tastes great Black!!!

Moreno “Brown” - Costa Rica Tarrazu

This premium medium light roast coffee is produced from beans grown at 1200-1700 m. (about 3,900-5,600 Ft.) the altitude, and the nutrient rich soil give our coffee a distinctive intense smooth flavor for which the Tarrazu mark has become justly renown.